Lumber Products

Bundles 3B Hardwood
We have full bundles of 3B lumber available to the public. They are between 800 and 1000 board feet per bundle. Our 3B lumber is sawn to 1 1/8" x various widths and lengths. This is not the top of the line boards but definitely good for use around a farm or for just all around projects around a house.
4x6 Hardwood Timbers
We sell the majority of these in bulk but we will also sell these to the public. You can purchase 1 to however many you would like at a time. Our 4"x6" cants are sawn to actual 4"x 6".
4/4 Hardwood Lumber
We also saw different species of hardwood other than just oak. This is some walnut that we have recently sawn. It is not always available. It's rarely available to the public unless we know in advance so that we can plan to set it aside for you. We also have other odd species available at times.
Pine 2x4, 2x6
Dimensional pine 2x4 and 2x6 lumber in 8 and 10 ft lengths.
Thin boards
We also have what we call "thin lumber" available at times. What this product is is boards under 1" thick. They tend to be really good solid boards. We sell these by the board. They vary by length width and thickness.

Bulk Products

Wood Chips
Hardwood chips sold by the ton.
Available by the scoop.
Bark Mulch
Single ground bark mulch available by the yard. Delivery Available.
Screened Topsoil
Our top soil is ran through this screen. It is very good for around a house or garden area. Most local lawn service companies use this product often. It is available picked up at the sawmill by the yard or also available for delivery. Delivery price will depend on location of delivery.